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1949 Description  
00000204.TIF  Title Page.  View Image
00000205.TIF  Front Cover Battersea Grammar School Magazine Vol.VIII No.11 Summer Term 1949.  View Image
00000206.TIF  Battersea Grammar School Magazine Vol.VIII No.11 Summer Term 1949 - Editor's Note; School Notes.  View Image
00000207.TIF  Pages 218 & 219. School Notes (cont.); Speech Day 1948; The Literary Festival.  View Image
00000208.TIF  Pages 220 & 221. Morality; Opening Night; What a Week; A River Nocturne; The Music Festival; Cadet Battalion.  View Image
00000209.TIF  Pages 222 & 223. Cadet Battalion (cont.); A.T.C..  View Image
00000210.TIF  Pages 224 & 225. Penseur; On Eros; Athletics; Athletic Sports 1949; Football 1948-49 Season.  View Image
00000211.TIF  Pages 226 & 227. Football 1948-49 Season (cont.); Swimming; Chess.  View Image
00000212.TIF  Pages 228 & 229. Chess (cont.); Lawn Tennis; Table Tennis; Hiawatha in the School Kitchen; Literary, Scientific and Debating Society.  View Image
00000213.TIF  Pages 230 & 231. Literary, Scientific and Debating Society (cont.); "Hamlet"; The Sixth Form Club; The Visiting Club; B.G.S.Visit to a Darby and Joan Club.  View Image
00000214.TIF  Pages 232 & 233. Seeds of Contentment; The School Orchestra; Letter to the Editor; Editor's Competition.  View Image
00000215.TIF  Front Cover Battersea Grammar School Magazine Vol.VIII No.12 Autumn Term 1949.  View Image
00000216.TIF  Pages 234 & 235. Contents; Battersea Grammar School Magazine Vol.VIII No.12 Autumn Term 1949 - Honours List.  View Image
00000217.TIF  Pages 236 & 237. Honours List (cont.); School Notes.  View Image
00000218.TIF  Pages 238 & 239. Mr E.R.Ellis and Mr D.C.W.Howard; University Letter; House Positions.  View Image
00000219.TIF  Pages 240 & 241. House Notes - Bolingbroke, Dawnay, Erskine.  View Image
00000220.TIF  Pages 242 & 243. St.Johns, Spencer, Trinity; Speech Day 1949.  View Image
00000221.TIF  Pages 244 & 245. Speech Day 1949 (cont.); Arts Council Concert; The Library.  View Image
00000222.TIF  Pages 246 & 247. The Library (cont.); Corps Notes; No.591 Squadron, Air Training Corps.  View Image
00000223.TIF  Pages 248 & 249. No.591 Squadron, Air Training Corps (cont.); Cricket; Swimming.  View Image
00000224.TIF  Pages 250 & 251. Swimming (cont.); Swimming Sports 1949; School Swimming Records; Literary Society; The Debating Society; Scientific Society.  View Image
00000225.TIF  Pages 252 & 253. Visiting Clib; Music; Dramatic Society; The Museum; Harvest Camp.  View Image
00000226.TIF  Pages 254 & 255. Harvest Camp (cont.); Chess Club; Fencing; Letter to the Editor; The Parents' Association; Old Grammarians' Association.  View Image
00000227.TIF  Page 256. Old Grammarians' Association (cont.).  View Image

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