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1945-46 Description  
00000142.TIF  Title Page.  View Image
00000143.TIF  Front Cover - Battersea Grammaar School Magazine Vol.VIII No.7 Autumn Term 1945-Spring Term 1946.  View Image
00000144.TIF  Honours List 1945.  View Image
00000145.TIF  Page 123. Honours List 1945 (cont.); Battersea Grammaar School Magazine Vol.VIII No.7 Autumn Term 1945-Spring Term 1946 - Roll of Honour.  View Image
00000146.TIF  Pages 124 & 125. School Notes; Henry Russell Ellis (Headmaster 1918-1945).  View Image
00000147.TIF  Pages 126 & 127. Henry Russell Ellis (Headmaster 1918-1945) (cont.); Harold Gutteridge Hall (BGS 1900-1945); Speech Day.  View Image
00000148.TIF  Pages 128 & 129. University Letter; Cadet Battalion.  View Image
00000149.TIF  Pages 130 & 131. Cadet Battalion (cont.); Camp 1945; A.T.C.; The Band; The Musical Appreciation Society.  View Image
00000150.TIF  Pages 132 & 133. The Musical Appreciation Society (cont.); The Musical Festival 1945; Debating Society 1944-45.  View Image
00000151.TIF  Pages 134 & 135. Debating Society 1944-45 (cont.); The C.W.E.C. Christmas Holiday Lectures and Discussions; The Library; The Museum; Athletics Sports 1945.  View Image
00000152.TIF  Pages 136 & 137. Football; Cricket; Boxing; Swimming.  View Image
00000153.TIF  Old Grammarians' Association - Preamble - Notes -Cricket Club - Football Club - Reunion.  View Image
00000154.TIF  Pages 140 & 141. Old Grammarians' Association (cont.) - Reunion (cont.) - How the Army Strickes Me - The Prefects Room Re-visited - The Staff Room Re-visited.  View Image
00000147.TIF  See above.  View Image

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